You spoke up and Congress listened. They heard your stories. Because of you, they know that mental illness affects one in five of their constituents. Because of you, they know that stripping Medicaid funding would result in millions of Americans losing access to mental health and substance use services. And because of you, they know that taking a step back from insurance protections would harm people with mental illness.

Your voices made a difference. 1,066 of you marched to Capitol Hill during our National Convention and spoke face-to-face with elected officials. You called, you tweeted, you posted on Facebook. You sent 122,539 emails to members of Congress. You told Congress to work for bipartisan solutions that fix the insurance marketplace, not strip Medicaid and mental health coverage.

Thank you. You not only triumphed, you helped make mental health care a focal point of the debate.

Take a moment to congratulate yourself for being an integral part of NAMI’s movement to champion better care and better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness.

Thank your Senator Richard Blumenthal & Senator Chris Murphy who voted “no.” And we urge you to continue to work with your colleagues for quality, affordable mental health coverage for all.