YOU are the Key to our Legislative Successes.


(L-R) NAMI Connecticut Board Member Anthony Pierloni, testifying at the State Capital; Advocates meeting at the State Capital during a recent NAMI Connecticut Walk; and Vered Brandman, a NAMI In-Our-Own-Voice presenter, testifying at the State Capital.

NAMI Connecticut’s Public Policy Program Components:

  • Provide outreach, trainings, and education to the community and policymakers
  • Monitor and act on state and local government issues relevant to the mental health community
  • Mobilize NAMI Connecticut members to testify or contact policymakers on behalf of our legislative priorities, including through the new Affiliate Advocacy Liaisons
  • Strategically work with the media to further our legislative agenda
  • Develop and build relationships with community partners and stakeholders to work on joint initiatives

NAMI Connecticut’s Public Policy Committee consists of members from around the state who meet monthly to influence the organization’s legislative agenda and act as advocacy liaisons in their communities. Our goal is to support members to engage in advocacy activities at the legislature, in the community, and from their homes.


We are here to support your advocacy efforts


  • Show you how to contact your legislators and other elected officials, quick link
  • Attend meetings with state or local officials to provide support as requested
  • Provide background information on policy issues, such as legislative agenda booklets and fact sheets
  • Speak at affiliate meetings or other events about mental health advocacy issues
  • Alert you to great advocacy opportunities and events at the Capitol and in the community
  • Help you write testimony or letters to the editor to express your views on important issues

NAMI Connecticut is also an active member organization of the Keep the Promise Coalition (KTP), a statewide unified group of key stakeholders (including individuals with lived experience, family members, mental health professionals and interested community members) advocating for a comprehensive, community mental health system across the lifespan in Connecticut.  


Daniela Giordano                                                                 Susan Kelley

Public Policy Director                                                           Director of Children’s Policy                                            

For a complete description of our program activities, please CLICK HERE.





Action Alerts!:

Get Email Updates, including Action Alerts, by clicking HERE (and be sure to include your NAME, Phone Number, and EMAIL Address!)

Collaborations: NAMI Connecticut is proud to be one of the founding members of the Keep the Promise (KTP) Coalition, as well as the founder and fiduciary for the Alliance for Children’s Mental Health (ACMH). The Keep the Promise (KTP) Coalition is a Connecticut-based network of advocates, including people living with mental illness, family members, mental health professionals and interested community members. KTP is dedicated to advocating for a comprehensive, community mental health system for adults, children and families in Connecticut.

LATEST ACTION ALERT (Tuesday, May 9, 2017):

YOUR Advocacy is more important NOW than ever!

State Revenue projections for the next two years have gone down dramatically and our state budget deficit has gotten bigger (an additional $1Billion over the next two years, totaling over $5 Billion.) Additionally, policy makers are debating more and larger cuts.



· Share YOUR stories about the SERVICES, SUPPORTS, HOUSING, and PROGRAMS that matter to YOU and what the IMPACT of   funding cuts would be on YOUR LIFE or a LOVED ONE

· Use different media: call – email – post – tweet – visit in person – write a letter to the editor

YOUR Advocacy is more important NOW more than ever!

Who are your legislators?: If you’re not sure, you can use this link on the legislature’s webpage ‘Find Your Legislators’ and simply put in your address, click ‘find’ to see their names and links to their websites and contact information

For specifics on potential budget cuts, CLICK HERE for our original budget talking points, or use your budget testimony. 

But, there’s more: additional cuts have been proposed – even before the bigger deficit came to light. So, include areas beyond what was in our original budget talking points. For example: DMHAS’ young adult services; housing supports and services; discharge and diversion services; professional services (which includes funding for NAMI Connecticut’s Family-to-Family education classes and other programs) and DCF’s Access Mental Health/consultation services.

Our legislators NEED to be thinking of us and the services, supports and programs we care about, when they are negotiating and voting. 

YOU are the Key to our Legislative Success!

All Our Words and Actions Matter!

Let’s use them to advocate for the things that Matter to Us

For help or more information contact Daniela Giordano, Public Policy Director at

Thank you!