Advocacy Toolkit

On this page you will find the tools and resources you need to become a more effective and educated advocate for the mental health community. You will find everything from basic information on the legislative process to NAMI Connecticut issue fact sheets and sample testimony. These tools are available for you to download, print and share with your legislators and your community.

1. NEW! KEEP THE PROMISE COALITION CANDIDATE FORUM TOOLKIT (use fact sheets provided under # 9)

* Candidate Forum Tip Sheet (includes guidelines for non-profit organizations)
* Sample Questions for Candidates
* Getting Supportive Housing Information to Candidates

2. NEW! How to Host a Legislative Breakfast

3. What is Advocacy? Advocacy is easier than you think

4. NAMI Connecticut Public Policy Program Overview: What we can do for you

5. Public Policy Related Definitions: Gain a better understanding of mental health and public policy terms

6. Quick Facts: Review state government structure and the legislative process

7. 2017 Legislative Agenda: Become familiar with NAMI-Connecticut's priority issues for the 2017 legislative session

8. Statistics on mental health in Connecticut: Facts and figures you can use to advocate for improved services

9. Issues Fact Sheets: Find comprehensive fact sheets on NAMI Connecticut priority issues to share with legislators and the community

* Supportive Housing is Critical for Low-Income Persons with Mental Illness and Disabilities
* The Cost of Failure
* Promoting social and emotional development, prevention, early identification and intervention
* Medicaid Co-Pays Harm Access

10. Public Hearings: Browse NAMI Connecticut's official testimony from the 2016 legislative session


11. Testimony Guide: Learn how to turn your story into testimony

* Example Testimony with how-to guidelines: Medication Access Story
* Example Testimony with how-to guidelines: Parity Story
* Example Thank You Letter to Legislator

12. Use the Media to Share Your Message: Use the media to expand your audience, make your issue important and change public perceptions

* Contact information for CT Media

13. Keep the Promise Coalition: Explore this active and effective mental health advocacy coalition

14. Useful Links

* Advocacy Unlimited
* Connecticut General Assembly
* Connecticut Network Of Care
* Corporation for Supportive Housing
* CT Coalition to End Homelessness
* CT Department of Children and Families
* CT Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services
* CT Department of Social Services
* CT Juvenile Justice Alliance
* CT Voices for Children
* Families United for Childrenƒ??s Mental Health
* FAVOR, Inc. (Family Advocacy for Childrenƒ??s Behavioral Health)
* Keep the Promise Coalition (KTP)
* Mental Health Association of Connecticut
* Office of Healthcare Access
* Office of Protection and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities
* Office of the Child Advocate
* Office of the Healthcare Advocate
* Partnership for Strong Communities
* Reaching Home Campaign