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(L-R) NAMI Connecticut Board Member Anthony Pierloni, testifying at the State Capital; Advocates meeting at the State Capital during a recent NAMI Connecticut Walk; and Vered Brandman, a NAMI In-Our-Own-Voice presenter, testifying at the State Capital.


NAMI Connecticut's Public Policy Mission:

We continuously work to improve public policies for people impacted by mental health challenges in Connecticut. Our Public Policy Agenda includes issues across focus areas aiming to increase access to quality community services and supports, housing, education and employment, early intervention, and others. We do this with the support and active participation of our grassroots members and in collaboration with other stakeholder groups, organizations and coalitions.

Activities of our NAMI Connecticut’s Public Policy Program include the following:

Provide outreach, training classes, and education to the community and policymakers

Monitor and act on state and local government issues relevant to the mental health community

Mobilize NAMI Connecticut members to testify or contact policymakers on behalf of our legislative priorities, including through the new Affiliate Advocacy Liaisons

Strategically work with the media to further our legislative agenda

Develop and build relationships with community partners and stakeholders to work on joint initiatives

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Action Alerts!:

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Collaborations: NAMI Connecticut is proud to be one of the founding members of the Keep the Promise (KTP) Coalition, as well as the founder and fiduciary for the Alliance for Children’s Mental Health (ACMH). The Keep the Promise (KTP) Coalition is a Connecticut-based network of advocates, including people living with mental illness, family members, mental health professionals and interested community members. KTP is dedicated to advocating for a comprehensive, community mental health system for adults, children and families in Connecticut.




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Criminal Justice Project:

NAMI Connecticut is actively involved in Criminal Justice issues affecting people with mental illnesses.

NAMI Connecticut is acutely aware that our prisons and jails have become the de-facto institutions that house persons with mental illnesses. In Connecticut, approximately 16% of our prison population consists of persons with mental illness. NAMI Connecticut works with the Behavioral Health Subcommittee of the Criminal Justice Policy Advisory Commission to identify and make recommendations regarding criminal justice/behavioral health concerns.

NAMI Connecticut also supports the work of the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, the Court Support Services Division of the Judicial Branch and the Department of Corrections in their efforts to keep persons with mental illness out of prison when possible and to reduce prison and jail overcrowding.  READ MORE


Advocacy Toolkit:

 The NAMI Connecticut Advocacy Toolkit contains the tools and resources you need to become a more effective and educated advocate for the mental health community. You will find everything from basic information on the legislative process to NAMI Connecticut issue fact sheets and sample testimony. These tools are available for you to download, print and share with your legislators and your community.  To access the TOOLKIT, click HERE